Buddleia Wattlebird

PBR Variety Name: 'Wattlebird'
Common Name: Buddleia
Height , Medium Growing (2 - 3m)
Spread: , Medium (1 - 2m)
Growing Conditions:
Full Sun, Tolerates Light Frost, Tolerates Dryness, Well Drained

Fast, fragrant and highly attractive to butterflies. Wattlebird is a great choice for that warm spot in any garden.

A fast growing and vigorous evergreen shrub reaching 3m in height with large cream coloured flower spikes that age to a deep golden yellow giving the whole plant an interesting two tone effect. Flowers appear in late winter and continue into spring

Wattlebird will happily grow in all but the coldest regions of Australia.

Bird attracting

Butterfly attracting

informal screening

  • Bird Attracting
  • Exotic
  • Fragrance
  • Scented Flowers
  • Shrubs

Full sun

Wattlebird will grow in most soil types but dislikes water logging.

Well drained soil is recommended. Heavier soils should be prepared with plenty of organic matter prior to planting to improve drainage.

Space plants 1m -1.2m apart for screening purposes.

Dig the planting hole twice the width and depth of the pot that is being planted. Backfill with topsoil that has been improved with organic matter. Make sure that the rootball sits no lower than the surrounding soil.

Although quite tolerant of dry conditions once established regular watering is beneficial for 2-3 months after transplanting to encourage a strong root system. Soil should be kept moist but not wet.

Mulching is important to protect surface roots from extremes of temperature and helps to retain soil moisture. Mulch should be applied over the soil to 10cm deep. Keep mulch 5cm-10cm away from the base of the plant so as not to impede airflow which may lead to an increase in pest and disease problems.

Hard pruning is recommended after flowering to stop plants becoming straggly.

Feed in spring and summer using a high quality complete fertiliser

Look out for this label in all good garden centres.

Pruned Vs UnPruned Height

The heights listed here are what is commonly achieved for this variety with periodic trimming and maintenance. Plants are living things and under certain conditions or without periodic maintenance, plants may achieve up to double the dimensions listed herein.