Our History

The ‘Paradise’ brand was created by Mr Bob Cherry in the early 1970’s. Bob developed one of the largest nurseries in Australia and it traded as ‘Paradise Plants’ for more than 40 years. The nursery business was acquired by David Hanna in 2012, and continues to grow & sell the ‘Paradise’ range of plants under the name ‘Paradise Nurseries

The name ‘Paradise Plants’ is now the name used to group and promote all ‘Paradise’ branded plant varieties, supplying information to gardeners, garden designers, growers and the media.

Bob also established the company ‘Paradise Seed’ a seed production & plant breeding company. This company is run by Bob Cherry & John Robb and continues to develop beautiful new plants which are grown all around the world.

Lastly, but not least of all, Bob also created ‘Paradise Gardens’ - a world class garden located in Kulnura on the scenic Central Coast of New South Wales. Bob travels extensively and the garden is home to many rare, unusual & beautiful plants collected from all around the world. Tours of the Garden are by appointment only.

Portrait of Bob Cherry

Bob Cherry