Magnolia hybrid Princess Cleopatra

PBR Variety Name: ParCleo
Common Name: Michelia
Height , Tall (Taller than 3.0m)
Spread: , Medium (1 - 2m)
Growing Conditions:
Drought Tolerant, Full Sun, Low Maintenance, Prune Well, Tolerates Light Frost, Well Drained, Wind Tolerant

So many flowers you can hardly see the leaves! Princess Magnolias are new to the market and have been bred in Australia and selected for their quick, tidy growth habit and magnificent perfumed flowers. Cleopatra is an evergreen tidy shrub, flowering in winter, spring and again in summer and autumn. Flowers are creamy white, blushed with pink with beautiful perfume. Foliage is deep green and leathery. Can be grown as a small tree to 4m but is easily maintained as a 2-3m screen or hedge. Drought tolerant once established

Full sun, large pots/tubs, perfumed feature plant, screening, hedging

Large containers

Medium to tall hedges

Informal screening

Feature tree

  • Containers
  • Evergreen Tree
  • Fragrance
  • Hedging
  • Ornamental Tree
  • Scented Flowers
  • Screening
  • Shrubs
  • Standard
  • Topiary

Full Sun

Grows best in well drained soils. For clay soils use raised beds with plenty of organic matter added.

Good drainage is essential for growing Princess Magnolias

Space plants 80cm - 1m apart for a hedge or border.

Dig planting hole approximately twice the size of the pot to be transplanted, adding organic matter to poor or clay soils will be necessary. Place plant into the hole ensuring that surrounding soil is no higher than the existing root ball and backfill with soil. Water well and apply mulch.

Although drought hardy once established Princess Magnolias require regular deep watering for the first 3-4 months until established.

Mulching will help to retain moisture levels in the soil and protect surface roots from extremes of temperature. Mulch layer should be 10cm deep and kept 10cm away from the base of the plant to help ensure adequate airflow around the stem.

ightly prune in early spring for shape if required.

Fertilise with a good quality complete fertiliser in spring and summer.

Look out for this label in all good garden centres.

Pruned Vs UnPruned Height

The heights listed here are what is commonly achieved for this variety with periodic trimming and maintenance. Plants are living things and under certain conditions or without periodic maintenance, plants may achieve up to double the dimensions listed herein.